About Us

Speaking Out Safely® is a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and response of three epidemic level crises: child sexual abuse, domestic violence and bullying. We provide simple, innovative educational solutions, community outreach and training tools. Speaking Out Safely educates across the spectrum of each topic: primary prevention, bystander intervention, victim support services and healing. We offer strategy and case management services; legal and advocacy seminars; and public and community outreach. At Speaking Out Safely, we are creating a new future for a loving, empowered and ‘us world’. We look forward to your partnership.

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Meet the Team

The Speaking Out Safely team unites from a variety of backgrounds, experience and each person brings diverse perspectives and complimentary expertise.  All members of the team share the goal of making a difference in the areas of safety, prevention and swift response:


Meet Eva Montibello Meet Megan Mitchell Meet Christine Lozier

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