Mission, Vision and Charter

Our Vision: 
To create a new world where each and every child, woman and man be safe, honored and unconditionally loved. We want a world where we can watch the news without being afraid to discover what new tragedy is awaiting us, a world where we can send our children off without worry of what might happen at places that should be safe like their school, the church, their own back yard. We want to reach beyond change to achieve transformation. Help make our vision a reality.

The mission of Speaking Out Safely is to empower people to create safe environments in their homes, communities and our society.  And if someone is not empowered, we work to restore their power and ensure that they have a full partner in gaining justice. We will use education, training, peace and respect to create and foster a safe environment for everywhere. Every single program designed at Speaking Out Safely is meant to fill a need that currently is not being met by the existing nonprofit community. Our mission is to be there for you and your loved ones and to make the transformations no one has yet stepped forward to make. Our mission is a promise to create a new world. With your help we can complete our mission.

Our Charter:

The purpose of Speaking Out Safely is to create a world where each and every person is safe.  We train groups of people personally, online and remotely to understand important components of protecting themselves and others to be safe.  Together, we are creating a that works for everyone with no one left out and everyone cared for.  We promise to operate from the following qualities and execute simple yet powerful programming:

  • Primary prevention education – when people know what works and what doesn’t work, they are empowered to create a world of safety.
  • Compassion, empathy and sympathy – we are heart centered and leave with love and grace.
  • Creative brainstormers and problem solvers – new solutions, challenges and empowered powering through any challenge that comes our way.
  • Abundant defining and insightful moments together – we learn from each other and have ‘ah-ha’ moments.  We build out knowledge database to prepare for everything.
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations – safety, justice and empowerment … we aim to fulfill on those qualities.

We promise to stand for all that we encounter, encourage their greatness, empower leaders, and breath life and inspiration into all who we interact with.  This is who we are and this is what you can count on.