End Domestic Violence

Creating a better world without domestic violence is going to take each and everyone noticing what is off and shifting each situation to an empowering one.  With 1 in 4 women experiencing sexual or domestic violence in their lifetime, its time to shift gears, work together and speak up.  Standing Strong teaches us to  find the courage to help ourselves and our loved ones while we work together for a safe world.

There are three sides to being strong (1) the light side, (2) the dark side and (3) the unknown side.

The light side of strength

On the light side of advocacy we are living in the world of being strong for your loved ones. In a crisis situation being alone does not work. As a loved one and part of a support system learning the most effective ways to listen and be there become critical to the healing process. Learn more about standing by someone here.

The dark side of strength

On the dark side of advocacy we are living in the world of being strong for yourself. Support systems are important and having your loved ones stand by you is a very powerful tool as you deal with crisis. Speaking Out Safely is looking to provide you with an even stronger tool; you. You have the courage, power and strength to end the abuse and we can show you how . Learn more here.

The unknown side

We can’t know what we don’t know. In today’s world the training and education on the steps to leave your abuser, how to hold your abuser accountable and how to be a support system for a survivor of abuse is practically non-existent. Without this training and education it becomes considerably more difficult to have the courage and know the steps to hold your abuse accountable and be there for your loved ones. Now that Speaking Out Safely has launched all of the training and education programs to help you or your loved one go forward you need to be aware of the dangers of being unaware. Learn about the secrets of the unknown here.