Get Involved

Creating a new world takes more than a great team, it takes YOU. We need your help, your support and your friends to take our new world and make it the new reality. Regardless of who you are, how much money or time you have, or where you are we have a way for you to get involved. Come along on our journey to build a new world and end the violence.

There are so many ways for you to be a part of the Speaking Out Safely team. Choose any are as many of the following and join us in our new world:

Donate: whether you can give a little or a lot any amount helps. We are completely dependent on your support to keep our doors open. Please head over to our donation page here.

Become a Member: membership is a great way to join our new world. Becoming a member will give you unique volunteering opportunities, access to extra resources and training and give you a hands on way to make a difference. Become a member here.

Become a Sponsor: sponsorship is the perfect way for companies to give back. Becoming a sponsor shows that world that you are working to create a new world without violence. Learn more here.

Volunteer: volunteering with Speaking Out Safely puts you on the front lines of creating a new and safer world. Work with us to get our programs up and running to use education to prevent abuse. Learn more about volunteering here.