Being Your Own Lawyer

In a perfect world we would provide every victim with a lawyer. Unfortunately with the sheer amount of victims that is not currently plausible. Instead we want to empower you to be your own lawyer. We will guide you through the system and give you all the tools you need to come out on top. We want to build a variety of resources to walk your through the legal system and be there for you. We are building our programs for victims who have to represent themselves (this is known as appearing pro se). This is an ever-growing program and it needs your help and support. Please donate to get these great programs up and running. Our programs include:

  • Common Questions: when it comes to representing yourself most people have the same questions and we want to answer them here.
  • What to Expect: we try to give you an overview of the system and what you will encounter. Knowing the basics of what will happen will help you better prepare yourself. Get prepared here.
  • Restraining Orders: restraining orders are one of the common legal issues where victims usually represent themselves. Understanding how restraining orders work is important for the safety of you and your loved ones. Learn more here.
  • Child Custody: unfortunately when a victim has children with her abuser and leaves a custody battle becomes imminent. We are focused on helping victims keep their children and guiding them through the system. Learn more here.
  • Retaliatory charges: a common scare tactic for abusers, retaliatory charges are a real threat to justice and can be very intimidating for victims. Learn more here.

For resources please go here. If you need help please e-mail us here or if you just want general information please send an e-mail here.