Child Custody

The prospect of loosing your child is horrifying under any circumstances. The horror of losing your child to your abuser is unimaginable. However when a victim leaves their abuser as a part of the abuser’s attempt to maintain power and control the abuser will generally petition for custody. The goal at Speaking Out Safely is two-fold.

The Short Term:

Our first and primary concern is the safety of you and your children. Speaking Out Safely is in the process of building a support system, seminars, clinics and other resources to help victims of abuse in the case of a custody battle. The amount of victims loosing their children to their abusers is stunningly high and we need to act quickly and carefully right now. With your support we will create an action plan to help as many victims as possible stay safe and keep custody of their children.


 Donate here and help us in our mission to help victims of abuse and their children. Want to do more than donate? Volunteer and be on the front lines of the movement to end the abuse. Are you a victim of abuser that is or will be in a custody dispute with their abuser? Please contact us immediately. We are here for you.

The Long Term:

While our first concern is you and your children the SOS team realizes there is a bigger problem at play. The system as is asks a victim of abuse to stand in front of the judge within feet of their abuser and be completely calm, put together and confident for the length of the custody hearing or the victim’s behavior can be (and often is) determined to be the behavior of an unfit parent and the victim will typically loose their children. This is such a huge obstacle for victims of abuse that it skews the system in favor of the abuser. Speaking Out Safely wants to even the playing field. We want to bring training programs, education and resources to eventually lobby for legislation to keep abusers from gaining custody of the children as another way to harm their victims.