Retaliatory Charges

Abusers thrive on power and control. Because of this when a victim goes to the police in an attempt to protect herself, taking power away from the abuser, it is not uncommon for an abuser to file retaliatory charges. These are charges that are generally unfounded and it is typically a scare tactic to get the victim to drop the case. The Speaking Out Safely team wants to be there for any victim dealing with retaliatory charges as well as work towards changing the system so these charges are not brought or at least are much more difficult to file.

While we are strategizing and building our programs we need YOU. Please donate or become a sponsor so that we can better protect victims of abuse from these bullying techniques.

Are you a victim facing retaliatory charges? Contact us immediately for assistance. Even though we’re still building our programming our focus is and always will be you. We are here to help.