The team at Speaking Out Safely is working hard to prepare a series of resources to deal with the legal system. We understand if you need help you cannot wait until our resource guides are complete so please if you are a survivor who needs legal assistance please CONTACT US. We will explain your options and refer you to available resources and help while we are building our resources.

We need YOUR HELP. Donate and assist the Speaking Out Safely team in creating these guides so that we can help survivors work their way through the legal system. We also want your opinion what resource guides would you find the most helpful? Become a part of our new world and join us.

When it comes to providing resources we found three main areas where we need to focus our programming:

  • Training and education: through education we can create our new world. See our education programs here.
  • Webinars: your location shouldn’t be the reason you do not have access to our education programs. See our webinar programming here.
  • Clinics: in a world where victims are left representing themselves we need to focus on providing then as much help as possible. See our clinical programs here.