Brilliance Central, Breakthrough Central and Speaking Out Safely have teamed up to form PassionFire. These three companies use heart-centered business taking profitability,  empowerment, advocacy to create a world that each of us has dreamed about.

Whether it is starting a business, becoming the master of your breakthroughs or giving back to the community – we have the perfect plan for you. You are already visiting  Speaking Out Safely so take a look around, get involved and help us create our new world.

Or optimize your brilliance. Brilliance Central is built on a profitability model and designed around you! We take your idea, your product, or your business and combine it with our expertise, strategies and tools to give you everything you need to be as profitable as possible. From marketing to media to sales to designing your website Brilliance Central has it all. Check out their site here.

Or meet us on the lighter side of business. Breakthrough Central invites you to meet the rut-busters. Our talented team will break you through any of the walls you need to break down in order to reach your breakthrough. And we’ll make sure you have a few laughs along the way. Whether you need to cry it out, get over your writer’s block or just find someone new to complain to Breakthrough Central is here. Their website however is still being built. Keep up with PassionFire to learn more and be the first to know when the website goes live.