[Press Release] BASTA Film Screening on November 17

November 4, 2013

Amesbury, MA — Speaking Out Safely®, a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and response of the epidemic level crisis of child sexual abuse is partnering with BASTA Documentary filmmaker Gary Bergeron for a film screening and fundraiser to benefit the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Centers located in Amesbury and Newburyport.  BASTA – Ordinary Men Surviving Extraordinary Circumstances: No Pity, No Shame, No Silence – is an 83-minute documentary.  The film shows one man’s path to surviving amid the Catholic Clergy child sexual abuse crisis, explains the simple brutal facts and provides a better understanding of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Basta is a film documenting the story of the emotional journey taken by simple men detailing their attempts to reach behind and beyond the Vatican walls in search of help, hope and aid in healing a nation reeling from the effects of the clergy abuse scandal.  A decade after starting on a personal journey for justice, one man finds that success isn’t always defined by achieving his goal, sometimes; it’s defined by the attempt itself. And sometimes, in that attempt, you also find out who you are.

“I’m just one person … just one voice, and my goal is to educate the public, let other survivors know that they’re not alone and above all, there’s hope,” states Gary Bergeron filmmaker.  “I’m hoping that my film will help lend a voice to those who have lost theirs.”

The event will be held in Amesbury at the Stage Two Cinema Pub at 109 Main Street, Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913.  Ticket price is $12 at the door.  Following the viewing will be an open discussion about the film, impact and future.  The film will be shown at 4:00 pm and a discussion will follow from 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm.

The film has earned early praise from numerous sources:

  • “BASTA, No Pity, No Shame, No Silence is a Raw and Truthful Film” ~ Sara Bernstein VP HBO Documentary Films
  • “Film Gives Voice to Life After Childhood Sexual Abuse” ~ The Newburyport Daily News

Survivors and their family members are considered complimentary guests of the filmmaker.  Email Gary Bergeron at garymbergeron@gmail.com for more information.

About Survivors Voice

Gary Bergeron is the co-founder of Survivors Voice, an organization founded to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  He is also the author of “Don’t Call Me A Victim- Faith, Hope & Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church” and the executive producer of BASTA.  For more information, contact: garymbergeron@gmail.com, 978-606-3193, www.survivorsvoice.org

About Speaking Out Safely

Speaking Out Safely® is a non-profit organization focused on the prevention and response of three epidemic level crises: child sexual abuse, domestic violence and bullying.  We provide simple, innovative educational solutions, community outreach and training tools.  Speaking Out Safely educates across the spectrum of each topic: primary prevention, bystander intervention, victim support services and healing.  We offer strategy and case management services; legal and advocacy seminars; and public and community outreach.  At Speaking Out Safely, we are creating a new future for a loving, empowered and ‘us world’.  For more information or interviews, contact Eva Montibello at (617) 669-7181 or eva@speakingoutsafely.org.


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