Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Knowledge is Power.

Prevention is the best way to protect our children. Protecting Our Children is designed to provide community members the education, information and practices needed to protect the children of our community.  The reality is that child sexual abuse is an epidemic that impacts each and every one of us, either directly or indirectly — 1 in 5 children are sexually abused before the age of 18.  By working together, we can create a new world, a safer world to protect our children.

There are three perspectives to protecting our children:

  1. Primary Prevention: proactive education to prevent issues from ever happening in the first place,
  2. Responding to Suspicion of Abuse: if something seems “off”, a person identify the steps to stop perpetration and get help,
  3. The Unknown Side: unfortunately, when one doesn’t know the signs, they can recognize an issue.  Given that child sexual abuse is a difficult, painful subject – many people avoid it hoping that that avoidance will protect them.  Avoidance does not protect, it actually makes you vulnerable.  We encourage each and every community member to learn about Primary Prevent and be empowered to protect our children.


Primary Prevention

Primary prevention is the BEST solution to protect our children. The training and education provided by Speaking Out Safely helps you proactively have conversations that protect your children, identify questionable behaviors, and prevent abuse before it ever happens. Learn more about preventing sexual abuse here.

Responding to a Suspicion of Abuse

If you are at this stage, you suspect some type of abuse may be happening to a child.  Because a child is born innocent, they are at a greater risk for abuse.  If there is someone in their life performing grooming techniques on a child – that child may thing that everyone is sexually abuse and it is normal behavior.  The more educated we are as parents and community members, the more powerful we can be to prevent and stop all types of abuse.  Learn more about notice, respond and heal here.

While we are teaching you how to spot and handle suspicions of abuse it is important to know about a group of people REQUIRED to report any suspicions of abuse. We are talking about Mandated Reporters learn who is a mandated reporter, what that means and the role they play in stopping abuse here.

The Danger of the Unknown 

We can’t know what we don’t know. In today’s world the training and education to understand the signs of abuse, how to prevent abuse, responding if we believe our children are being abused and healing is practically non-existent. Without this training and education it is impossible to properly prevent and/or respond to abuse. Now that Speaking Out Safely has launched all of the training and education programs to keep your children safe you need to be aware of the dangers of being unaware. Learn about the secrets of the unknown here.