Mandated Reporter Laws

Learn Who the Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect Are


Children deserve a life of happiness, protection and empowerment. When a child is abused, it is a tremendously unjust crime, on a number of levels. What is even worse, is the willful blindness in our society and how suspicions of abuse are often ignored. It’s now time to be educated on the most basic of levels of how to identify and report abuse; and if you seek deeper knowledge, we will soon have that available. Choose to be empowered and BE THE PERSON to help someone in need. The world needs heroes and if you’re reading this – you are a hero. Join us!


Professionals Required to Report Most states designate professions whose members are mandated by law to report child maltreatment. Individuals designated as mandatory reporters typically have frequent contact with children. Such individuals may include:

• Medical professions and those who work in medical offices

• Teachers, guidance counselors, school officials, youth camp administrators or counselors, social workers, school bus drivers or attendants

• Government workers, all levels, including court systems, law enforcement, federal, state or municipal

• Sexual assault counselors or family or domestic violence victim advocates

• Homemakers, home-health aides, medical or social service workers, psychologists, child care personnel, or mental health professionals

• Commercial film and photographic print processors

• Clergy members

• Chairs of professional licensing boards that have jurisdiction over mandated reporters

• Medical examiners or coroners


We are building state specific informational cards that can be used to help the community spread awareness and a better understanding of these laws. In order to have this for every state we need your help. Donate now and help make sure each and every instance of child abuse is being reported. Bring us one step closer to our new and safer world.

Currently we have specialized information for the following states:

Maine Mandated Reporter Laws


While we’re building review the laws and expectations of mandated reporters each state at the link below.  Citation: Child Welfare Information Gateway. Available online here