Stop Bullying

The best way to stop bullying is through teaching peace. Children are Peacemakers.

The real question is: how do we nurture communication excellence, empower empathy and raise leaders who stand for others?  With 71% of students reporting incidents of bullying as a problem at their school, as a community and as parents – we need to teach and stand for peace.

There are three sides to standing for peace (1) the light side, (2) the dark side and (3) the unknown side.

The light side of peace

On the light side of advocacy we are working to foster peace, leadership and respect. By teaching peace we prevent children from becoming bullies and instead teach them to find their greatness through peace. Learn more about raising great kids here.

The dark side of peace

On the dark side of peace we are working to end bullying. Whether you are being bullied or it’s someone you know we teach you how to bring the bullying to an end by rising above, standing up for yourself and finding the fierce. Learn how to find the fierce here.

The unknown side

We can’t know what we don’t know. In today’s world bullying has reached levels of cruelty that most of have never experienced. The ability for a bully to hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard has enabled bullies to work without consequences or having to see the extent of the harm they are actually causing.  Over the last ten years how kids are bullied and how to stop it has completely changed.  Now that Speaking Out Safely has launched all of the training and education programs to prevent and end bullying you need to be aware of the dangers of being unaware. Learn about the secrets of the unknown here.