Systematic Integrity

Speaking Out Safely wants to bring accountability back into the system. Actions and failure to act have consequence. We will bring integrity back into the system through education, awareness and the proper use of a system already in place.

Our goal it to make sure the misconduct is reported, dealt with and corrected. We want to go beyond the recognition of wrong behavior. Currently there are ethics boards, rules and procedures in place for when defense attorneys do not play by the rules. They can be sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise disciplined. The problem is that not enough survivors no what the rules are, how to report violations or any form of the procedure.

Speaking Out Safely is your mechanism to make a difference. If you think that a defense attorney has violated the rules e-mail us and we will help you file a report. We are also working on other programs to help with our mission to  bring integrity back. You can help us by donating or becoming a volunteer.