The Impact of Language

Language defines your interactions with other people. Whether it is spoken word or body language what you say and how you say it will shape what people think of you and your relationship with other people. The Speaking Out Safely team is working hard to create programs that teach how word choice can go a long way towards ending the violence and creating a new, safer world. Help us on our mission to create a new world without violence. Get involved or donate today.

Through socio-linguistics (the scientific research behind the power of word choice) we have started to discover how word choice impacts perception. This has led us on a mission to retire outdated conversations that inappropriately frame violence, bullying, rape or abuse and replace them with inspired conversations that discuss difficult issues in a constructive manner. Check out the core concepts of the programs we are building:

Socio-linguistics: meet the research behind the transformation.

Word choice: a picture say 1,000 words, but even 1 inappropriate word can change how you view someone.

Perception: the effects of word choice and the dangers of an inaccurate perception.

Retiring and Inspiring Conversation: using word choice to create our new world.