Retiring and Inspiring Conversation

Speaking Out Safely will frequently talk about the difference between “good words” and “bad words” however our mission is to transcend beyond just what words to avoid and instead talk in terms of conversations to retire and inspire. We are still working on seminars and training materials perfect our programs around retiring and inspiring conversations. Help open the dialogue, get involved and donate.

Retiring Conversations

We have all heard someone say something we view as so wildly inappropriate that we get taken aback and there are times where we get outraged. Speaking Out Safely is aiming to reshape outrage into transformation. When you recognize an inappropriate word, phrase or topic we want you to be able to explain that the conversation should be retired and what should be discussed instead. Check out our list of retired conversations here. Or if you have a question about whether a conversation should be retired e-mail us.

Inspiring Conversations

It is not enough to get rid of the “bad words.” We have to step beyond that and look to a new dialogue. The Speaking Out Safely team wants to teach you how to always have conversations that empower, hold people accountable and welcome us all to talking about issues that have not been openly discussed yet. The first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. With inspired conversations we not only identify the problem, we get one step closer to finding the solution. Get inspired.