Power of Perception

Perception is arguably the single most powerful tool in today’s society. How society views a person shapes what job opportunities they have, who their friends are and what path their life will take. The issue when that is translated to victims is that perception is generally quite the opposite from the reality. We are in a world where stereotypes replace firsthand knowledge and a Facebook status can cost your reputation, jobs and relationship.

In today’s world a person can be defined by strangers behind a keyboard. Getting to know someone has effectively been replaced with Facebook, Twitter and a Google search. Perception is starting to define reality instead of reality defining perception. Speaking Out Safely aims to fix this. With your help we aim to use perception to create a new world that ends violence instead of perpetuating it and strengthens people instead of cutting them down.

While we are building our programs to train and educate people on the power of perception we need your help. Donate and get involved today.