What is socio-linguistics?

Simply put it is the scientific research that backs up our views on the impact of language. It looks at the sociology of linguistics and how the words you use, your body language and the tone of your voice affect how your message comes across.

Why are we using socio-linguistics?

Mitchell has spent the last three years researching how language shapes perception. In English she has been focusing on how what you say affects how you and the people you talk about are viewed by others. The think about it in its simplest terms think about your friends. When a friend of yours talks to you about a mutual friend behind your back a couple of things happen. First your opinion of your friend may change. You may now view them as that person to trash talks people when their back is turned and wonder what that person says about you. However your opinion of your mutual friend will also change. Does what your friend say have any merit? Are they right about your mutual friend? Should you stay friends with that person?

Taking this conversation and translating it to how it can affect a victim will let us understand the power of conversation, perception and language to prevent and end the abuse.

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